Hamburg Süd Brand Summit

The combination of communication, consulting and coaching makes all the difference. We designed and orchestrated a leadership event for 60 international managers in an intimate setting surrounded by Portugal's breathtaking nature. The concept: no media or staging and a focus on interaction and collaboration. Just as the brand claim "By your side" promises.

Accompanied by our coaches and facilitators, we dedicated four days to relevant topics and the cultural development of our client in a unique scenery. Agile workshop formats in a green setting and an almost informal atmosphere opened up completely new perspectives and potential.

Our guest Dr. Kjell Nordström, Swedish economist, author and keynote speaker, inspired and participated from the conference to the evening conversation around the campfire in the exclusively rented organic nature hotel. Illustrators consolidated the content and results in a central work of art, which was subsequently sent to all participants internationally as a poster.

facts and figures

interaction and collaboration

breathtaking natural scenery in Portugal

results as a central work of art

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