Konica Minolta European Leadership Conferences

Barcelona. Berlin. Copenhagen. A triology of the last three meetings at the Konica Minolta European Leadership Campus. 1,200 invited European sales partners are invited to a European metropolis to be inspired by Konica Minolta products and services and to strengthen business relationships within one day. The event days are integrated into an overarching communication concept. This means that the pre-communication starts 6 months in advance.

The services are extensive. From researching a suitable destination and available infrastructure, to the holistic concept including the theme areas, the motto, a unique visual identity and the room and agenda architecture, to the complete implementation of the event within the overarching communicationmstrategy. Finally, the major industry event of its kind.

The concept for the three events was also based on the respective destination. A typical Spanish evening in the breathtaking setting of Barcelona. A Berlin night, staged from a street-life dinner to a glittering club night. A Danish hygge dinner with star guest Mando Diao, some of whom arrived by bike. And who timed their album release to coincide with our event day.

facts and figures

Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen

biggest industry event of its kind

full project responsibility

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